Easier binding of texts for data binding library

Successfully bound user facing texts. Tobias Keller

I’m sure everyone using data binding in her/his application has already bound some texts into TextView or Button or any other View responsible for displaying textual information to the user.

I’m also quite sure most of you have already encountered situation when the final text was a result of some conditional flow or even result of some remote response (otherwise you wouldn’t really require binding, would you? 😃). …

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As a software developer, you have probably heard that too. Naming is one of the hardest things in programing. According to Phil Karlton it comes with caching.

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

— Phil Karlton

But for caching you have lot of libraries at hand nowadays, right? That probably makes naming the single hardest thing out there.

I’m not going to solve this single handed but I would like to offer my opinion how to solve one specific part of the struggle related to naming of colors in Android development.


Why is there no automatic switch to dark mode on Android and how to fix it?

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It is surprising how much traction there is around not really that much exciting think as is dark (or night, or black, call-it-as-you-want) mode. At the end it’s just a few shades of black color on the screens of our phones...

And it does matter little if you are on Cupertino or Mountain View team. Both iOS and Android came with support for dark mode recently making it the most important feature there is. It almost looks like they have no more innovating ideas anymore. 😏

Anyway with dark mode being a buzz word of last months you should expect…

A different story

There’s many articles dealing with ViewModels on Android especially after the Architecture Components library was released some time ago. And also many of them are trying to help you to set up the Dagger to create them for you. So why yet another article you may ask. 😃

A bit of history

Well, in the company I’m working in (Sygic — check it out 😉), we have been using MVVM for some time and adopted Architecture Components pretty early. And we were quite happy with the way things are working within this libs. But there has always been one downside.

Our apps are not…

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